Fried noodles

How to Make Fried Noodles with Veggies, Chicken, Shrimp, and More (Cambodian Recipe)

This fried noodle recipe is popular in Cambodia for a reason — it’s unexpectedly delectable, utterly customizable, relatively healthy, and it takes very little effort to make. You’ll find various iterations of these authentic Khmer fried noodles served in restaurants throughout Cambodia, with locals and foreigners enjoying this low-cost, delicious, …

Sour beef curry

Cambodian Sour Beef Curry

Spicy, sweet, creamy, coconutty — these archetypal flavours define “curry” for billions.

But in the southern Cambodian countryside, curries can be different; in fact, “tart,” “tangy,” and “zesty” are often the more apt descriptors.

In the recipe below, we’ll introduce you to one such curry: a simple farmer’s dish and a favourite in Thida’s village.