Making toasted rice powder is a simple process that requires only 3 steps, a single ingredient (rice), any frying pan you’ve got handy, a blender, and a stove. The key to making toasted rice that’s delicious lies in perfecting the roasting process and achieving the right consistency when you pound or blend the rice.

toasted rice powder
Toasted rice powder

You can make toasted rice powder by roasting white rice until it reaches a deep golden-brown color, then grinding (or pounding) it into a coarse powder. Many chefs use sticky rice for making rice powder, but in Cambodia, the vast majority of home and professional cooks opt for regular white or jasmine rice. Whether you’re using a wok, griddle, or skillet, the toasting technique is similar enough that you’re able to achieve consistently yummy results.

Toasted ground rice is a staple ingredient in many Cambodian dishes, and it adds a unique nutty flavor and slight crunchiness to your recipes. Notably, toasted powdered rice is a key ingredient in the famous samlor korkor soup as well as larb.

Below is our step-by-step guide for making toasted rice powder. These simple steps for toasting and grinding the rice should help you  perfect the technique with a little practice and patience

What do I need to make toasted ground rice?

You need the following four items to make toasted ground rice.

  • White rice: Any white rice will do. Most chefs recommend using sticky rice for making toasted powder, but any white rice works perfectly fine.
  • Frying pan: Use a wok, skillet, or a flat griddle pan to toast the rice.
  • Mesh sieve: Use a mesh sieve or strainer to wash and strain the rice before toasting it.
  • Blender or mortar and pestle: Mortar and pestle are the traditional tools for pounding toasted rice into a powder, but a blender works just fine as long as you keep the powder coarse.

How do I make toasted rice powder?

Follow the 3 steps below to make toasted rice powder.

  1. Wash the rice. Before you start making toasted rice powder, wash the rice thoroughly. Rinsing the rice helps eliminate any dirt or impurities and ensures even toasting. Start by placing the rice in a fine mesh sieve and running cold water over it until the water runs clear. Gently agitate the rice with your hands to remove any remaining dust or particles.
  2. Toast the rice. Heat the pan over medium heat, then add the washed rice to the hot pan and distribute it evenly. For the next 10 minutes, continuously stir the rice to ensure even browning and prevent scorching. Monitor the heat and adjust it accordingly – if the rice begins to cook too fast, lower the heat to medium-low. The rice will start to emit a fragrant, almost burnt aroma, and eventually turn golden brown in color. Once you achieve an even golden brown color, remove the toasted rice from the heat and let it cool completely. This ensures that the rice powder won’t clump up when you grind it.
Toast the rice
Toast the rice
  1. Powder the toasted rice.Transfer the cooled, toasted rice into a mortar or blender. Pulse the rice using the blender, or pound and grind it using the mortar and pestle, until you’re left with a coarse powder.
Powder the rice
Powder the rice

How do I store toasted ground rice?

To store toasted ground rice, follow the three steps below.

  1. Prepare the right container. Choose an airtight container or a glass jar to keep the powder fresh and protected from moisture or contamination. Make sure to clean and completely dry the container before storing your rice powder to prevent any unwanted moisture.
  2. Find a place to store the rice powder. A cool, dry, and dark place, such as a kitchen cupboard or pantry, is the perfect spot to store your toasted rice powder. Keeping it away from direct sunlight, heat, and fluctuating temperatures will help maintain its quality and flavor.
  3. Transfer the rice powder to the container and store it. Remember to close the container or jar tightly after every use. A tight seal prevents moisture and air from seeping into the container and helps preserve the texture and aromatic properties of the toasted rice powder.

How long can I store toasted rice powder?

You can store toasted rice powder for up to six months, as it will retain its distinctive aroma and taste for at least this time. Checking the powder periodically helps you detect any irregularities in color or smell. If you notice an off odor or mold, discard the rice powder and replace it with a fresh batch.

What is toasted rice powder?

Toasted rice powder is a seasoning made by toasting and grinding, blending, or pounding rice into a powder.

Toasted powdered rice is a key ingredient in Cambodian cuisine that adds a nutty aroma to various dishes. Below are two examples of popular Cambodian dishes that incorporate toasted powdered rice.

  • Samlor korkor: Samlor korkor is a Cambodian soup that’s known for its rich, savory flavors and a hint of toasted rice powder. The dish typically includes an array of fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, and protein like fish, chicken, or pork.
  • Larb: Larb is a popular Laotian, Cambodian, and Thai dish that’s typically made with minced meat, like chicken or pork, and various herbs and spices. Toasted rice powder adds texture, flavor, and a bit of crunchiness to this zesty, spicy Southeast Asian salad.

Apart from the two dishes above, you can use toasted rice powder to add texture and aroma to any salad, noodle recipe, or soup.


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